Book 2 is now finished!

Hey everyone!

We promised to update the version here every time we finish a book. Well, we finished Book 2, the Fire Nation (with Azula)!

Once again, there are two routes you can play -- the slave route or the love route. They both have content entirely unique to them.  The love route in Book 2 has a little more content, and is my personal favorite that we've done so far, but the slave route has some fantastic scenes and appeal all its own.

We're having a blast making this, and it'll always be free, but if you like what we do, please consider supporting us over at 



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Oct 21, 2017

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Hi i was wondering when will book 4 love route be completely finished

i heart you guys you make beautiful work keep it up i dont donate anything because im poor but i support you in spirit xD

glad to see everything is coming along i love the gameplay and the minigames you i am surprised how much i believe the names of the drinks and im genuinely shook that even if i take a month long break i still remember them you amazing and im glad i found this game

I love your game and i' m playing it on Android right now. But I don't know how to save. Can you please help me find out how? Much thanks already for the game

The Android version is not official because he did not post on here or on Patreon, but you can save by pressing the back button.

I will be honest, I never expected to see a book 2 to this game.  It was one of the best of its kind with just book 1 so can't wait to play book 2.